When Is The Right Time To Rebrand?

When Is The Right Time To Rebrand?

Are you embarrassed by the look of your brand?

Maybe you have had it for a while and it doesn’t really highlight what you do now that your business has evolved.

Your branding is how your prospective clients connect with your business.

If they aren’t making the right connection, then you will not be attracting the right people or giving them the right impression of your business.

If your brand is looking a little bit tired, then rebranding could be the answer.

But, what exactly is rebranding, why should you do it and when is the best time?

Let’s answer all of these questions in greater detail now…


When Is The Right Time To Rebrand?

What Is Rebranding?

A lot of people seem to believe that rebranding is all about changing the name of your business or redesigning your logo.

But it is so much more than that!

Your brand is more than the visual elements you portray. It is also the story you want to tell your customers, the problems you solve for them, the outcomes you can achieve, and the general emotional feeling they get from interacting with you.

That emotional connection is so important as it is what your clients and customers will remember. It is not the work done within a company that draws people in. It is their perception of what they think you do and how they feel about it that is the key driver.

Rebranding helps you to guide their perceptions. You can tell the right stories, make the right emotional connections, and generate amazing results for your business.


Why You Should Do It

Brand refreshes can either be proactive or reactive.

Over time, your offerings will evolve. So, the branding you had created at the beginning of your business journey, just doesn’t tell the right story any more. You can grow out of your original branding over time.

Your old brand could be holding you back! If it doesn’t resonate with your ideal clients or align with your current direction any more, then it could be impacting your opportunities and the business’ ability to grow.

Branding can be really powerful when done right. It can draw in the right people, help them get an in depth understanding of what you do and make you instantly recognisable in the market.

While rebranding can be a big exercise to undertake, not taking action soon enough may have more long lasting impacts on business revenue.


When Is The Right Time?

So, the only question left is… when is the right time to rebrand?

As we have just learnt, your brand is far more than the visual components you project. Your brand begins with your values, your mission, and your beliefs. You need a great strategy that aligns with those things and projects your business story to the world.

If you don’t have these things in your current brand, or you haven’t even thought about how you might convey them, then it is time to rebrand.

Once you have the backbone of a great brand strategy, you can position your business for growth and success.

It means when people connect with your marketing or any other business touchpoint, they are getting the right perception. They are getting the expectations you want them to have. That way, you can deliver exactly what they need.

We often get asked when is a good time to rebrand here at Arteria. The answer is not as simple as, “two years after you begin trading”, or “when you reach $200k turnover”.

The answer is actually that the right timing depends on what impact the current brand is having on the growth of the business. If you are facing the following challenges then it’s time to act.

  • The brand is outdated
  • The business is changing direction and brand wont ‘stretch to fit’
  • You’re growing and your brand feels stale
  • You’ve lost market share and lost in the competitors shadow

Where to from here?

A rebrand can be a complex project to undertake and often starts with preparing your stakeholders, internal and external. Without a careful plan of attack and a well-managed process, the rebrand can quickly go off the rails.

That’s where we can help.

Click here to get in contact with the creative team here at Arteria – rebranding is one of our specialities!

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