Arteria is a full-service graphic design and marketing studio working with clients committed to business excellence. We believe open collaboration with our clients is essential to creating marketing that is on-point and effective for their unique business audience. We create partnerships built on trust and integrity.

Our team are highly experienced specialists in all the right areas – marketing strategy, creative branding, graphic design, content writing, digital marketing and media production.

What drives us is simple – our business success is measured 100% on client outcomes.

We don’t just generate results, we create outcomes.


Arteria is a full service agency which brings together strategy and creative services to form a single source creative hub. That means we have got you covered for strategy, design, content creation and communication implementation across print and digital platforms. We work in true collaboration with you and we have a very genuine interest in your success!



A bit about Natasha.

A childhood spent on the farm in Taranaki as the eldest of four, life as a business owner, mum of 2 adventurers and fearless DYIer, Tash brings a practical ‘can do’ approach to problem-solving business challenges.

As Arteria’s compass, Tash leads a solution-focused team who share her passion for creating solutions that deliver tangible results for our clients.

“We work with two critical outcomes in mind – creating brands that build business equity and marketing that deliver ROI results. Achieving these outcomes is the measure of our success.”

Having worked with a full spectrum of business, from grassroots start-up’s through to large international brands, her project management, business sensibility and intuitive people skills are her stand out strengths.

“I believe I was created to create. Bringing a person’s business vision to life in a brand and invited to walk with them as a trusted guide on their journey to success is a privilege.”

A Masters in Graphic Design and over 20 years as a brand designer, Tash leverages her experience to deliver creative solutions that empower owners with highly effective brand strategies.

Favourite quote: “Form follows function.” This architectural phrase was first coined by architect Louis H. Sullivan in his 1896 essay “The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.” Often misunderstood, it refers to the idea that a skyscraper’s exterior design should reflect the different interior functions. For me, this sums up a business brand very effectively and helps keep us creative types on the straight and narrow!



A bit about Candice.

This fabulous lady brings order and clarity, not only to Arteria’s client’s businesses but to ours as well!

If something’s holding your business back from achieving its potential, she will find it, solve it and make you feel like it was your idea all along!

“The entrepreneurial spirit started young with me when I declared that I wanted to own an ice-cream shop at my kindy graduation.”

Many years on, her passion for helping businesses to succeed and deliver the very best to their clients makes her a valuable asset to our strategic partnerships with businesses here and offshore.

Candice draws on a double major in Business & Information Management and one in Marketing, along with experience taking small kiwi startups to become large national brands and large global corporations. She creates solutions for Arteria’s clients that reflect her understanding of business acumen and operations, far beyond her 13 years in marketing.

At her core you will find integrity and honesty that has made her feel a part of the Arteria team. It’s hard to believe it was only 2 years ago we unleashed her expertise on our most valued clients.

Candice’s Favourite Quote: “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Not Just Design Solutions.

Whether you need a little or a lot, Arteria is here to help. Our range of expertise and flexible service options provide practical solutions for business large and small. Every project entrusted to Arteria is engineered to contribute to your bigger picture and help you achieve business outcomes.


  • Real results and outcomes
  • Focus and clarity
  • Creative genius
  • Digital marketing
  • Tech talk made easy
  • Collaborative support


Senior Mac Operator

A bit about B.

(as she is affectionately known)…

To know Bronwen is to know what drives her, and in this area, she is wisely profound!

“What we believe filters down and inspires who we are and what we do. Often, we’re carrying the banner for popular needs and beliefs, like responsible business, care for human beings and freedom of expression.”

Bronwen offers Arteria’s clients a wealth of knowledge in printing, learnt on the job in several print houses over her 20-year career.

She understands the intricate in’s and out’s of how print works and most critically, helps clients avoid those often very costly mistakes.

Her love for travel started with a trip to London as a fabulously youthful 19-year-old. Having seen a good proportion of the world, she is now satisfied with a great book and family trips with husband and daughters to her retro caravan at Waihi Beach for a spot of boogie boarding, beach strolls, wine and cheese. This is where you will find her whenever she’s not a taxi for children’s sports or dancing, coaching netball teams, entertaining friends or on stage performing.

The adage of ‘ask a busy person…’ absolutely applies to Bronwen, who is trusted with deadlines day after day which she never misses…ever!

B’s favourite Quote: “The greatest thing is to love and be loved in return.”


Digital Administration & Business Process Support

A bit about Irene.

Irene is the oil that keeps Arteria’s process wheels rolling and optimised.

A Pioneer Archetype personality, her problem solving and critical attention to detail ensures that the little things come together seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly.

She brings the digital administration support to Arteria’s ‘virtual in-house brand & marketing’ service clients. This support allows the client to free themselves of time-consuming day to day marketing implementation to focus on what they do best. As a trusted cog in this chain, her time management skills allow others to sit back and relax knowing these time-critical tasks are in great hands.

“They often find themselves working as the ‘jack of all trades’ in their business. My passion is around freeing them up to work in their ‘zone of genius’.”

You will find Irene hanging out with her gentle giant German Shepherd (Gryff) and husband, and often juggling numerous balls in the air at any point for various other businesses. Irene’s ability to expand her workload capacity and a ‘can do’ attitude gives Arteria the confidence to jump in to help our clients when high-pressure deadlines press in on them.

Irene’s Favourite Quote: “I can and I will. Watch me.”





“When I took over the reins of the Arteria studio over a decade ago, my goal was to help businesses connect with their customers in a more genuine way.

It didn’t take long to realise I had a lot to learn about being a business owner and to be effective in securing high-value customers would take more than being genuine. With a few lessons under my belt and the expansion of Arteria’s team of specialists, our strategic approach to branding and marketing ensures we achieve tangible business outcomes and marketing ROI for our clients.

Getting the right message in front of high-value customers in a marketplace saturated by fast-moving marketing media is a challenging task… and this is where we thrive!!

Whether it’s a startup business client here in New Zealand or one of the large international brands forging new ground or embarking on an accelerated growth phase, we love bringing our expertise to the partnership to ensure they achieve their business goals.

We build strategy led marketing and purpose-driven brands that empower our clients to transform their businesses and reach new heights. If you’re ready to elevate your business with strategic creativity, we’d love to help.”

Tash, Creative Director